Zucher vanFortuin

A Privateer, scholar, and merchant: Zucher acts as Firebrand's linguist, historian, and troublemaker...


You were born on the 26th day of the month of Rishabha in the year 474 of the Blue Dragon. Rishabha is the 19th month of the 24 month Belian Calendar, which is the month of the Winter Solstice. It was named after the greatest female Bronze Dragon. Bronze is a foundation metal that is prized for its strength, though not so strong as steel, and for its versatility. Those born in the two months of the Bronze Dragons are said to possess strength and versatility, with those born in the male month leaning towards strength and those in the female month expressing greater versatility. Those born in female months are also reputed to possess the attributes of teachers or uncoverers of secrets. (There are 10 masculine months, 10 feminine months, and 4 months named for the first four Soundkeepers, which are in the middle of the calendar year. In the Dragon Cycle females are the teachers or uncoverers, while males are protectors or conquerors; with the first ten days of a month indicating protectors or teachers, the last ten days conquerors or uncoverers, and the middle seven days are those who tend to express both attributes).

You are the son of Jan Van Fortuin(60), a member of the Council of the Mechanics Guild, and Marta(50). You have two siblings; an older brother names Koenraad(34) and a younger sister named Sura(20). Your brother is also a member of the Mechanics Guild and is presently living on the island of Fogbatch. You have three uncles: Vern(64), Joran(57), and Koenraad(55). You grew up in the city of Karver Point, one of the five cities from which the Vale Fiefs are ruled. It is an active commerce city, and makes use of several small port facilities on the nearby coast with the main port being Refuge.

You were raised in the Guild and taught the skills of the Mechanic just as your brother was. Early on in your apprenticeship you were traveling with your father and uncle Vern to the Island of Fogbatch on Guild business. On the return trip the sea had been rough and you came across the wreckage of another ship. It turned out to be a royal yacht that was returning from Olas Mons and among the wreck was discovered the body of a young boy. It turned out that he was called Bashir and was a member of the royal family of The Soundkeeper. The boy was badly hurt but you helped your mother nurse him to health as your uncle ordered the ship to make for Halo Bay to return the youth. The family of Amarna was grateful to have the boy back, and mourned the loss of his father Reyhan. In gratitude they bequeathed gifts on your family and contracts in Wing City. This event secured the positions of your father and uncle in the guild which led to them becoming members of the council and your familiy’s fortunes were quite secure.

Two years later when you were 17, you went with your uncle Joran who traded in furs and cloth. He knew your skills as a tinkerer/mechanic would be welcome in his travels. He took you beyond the Vale, beyond the Brynn Hills and Dunes of Blood on into the lands of the Vorgeel. You spent four years practicing your trade in the sprawling and dangerous confines of Agul, the city where everything is for sale! Your uncle was able to start a regular trade route during this time and bring to the Vale unusual pelts and furs. Also during this time you learned that Vorgeel territory boasted many old ruins and dead cities of the past, including rumors that there was an abandoned city of the Thri-kreen! During your time here is when your interests in history and lost things truly gained a hold of your mind and heart. You also learned Vorgeel here as well as Orcish from one of the caravan drivers of your uncle. On the journeys from Agul to Barter Town, where your uncle’s agents would take over to bring the goods to market, you had several opportunities to spend time with your one cousin, Laryn. She was a ranger of the Vale, a Warden and her assignments at that time had her in the Dunes of Blood. She was very beautiful and deadly, as you saw her fight and slay a Rock Troll single-handedly. She was killed on some mission years after that but you never forgot her bravery.

While working with your uncle and upon your return you spent all your free time studying history and learning about maps and the reading of them. Your time in the dangerous world of the Vorgeel had already taught you the need to learn about self-defense and it was there you picked up some short swords of Troll manufacture, probably daggers to those giants but perfect short swords for you. You also learned how to use a hand-crossbow and your uncle presented you with a fine pair at the end your time in Agul as a thank-you gift. In truth your propensity to wander off and sometimes run into trouble with the none to forgiving Vorgeel guards outside the city made him a little glad to see you leave.

This propensity did not end when you came home and sometimes you disappeared for weeks on end hunting down some map or supposed treasure spot, or hitched to a caravan going west into the Four Points or out to one of the islands of the Sound. By the time you reached the age of 25, your father had begun to tire of this unpredictability and the Guild was also frustrated. You decided it was time to leave the work of mechanics to those who truly loved it and decided to take the small wealth you had and spend more time on your own interests. You went to Throwing Muses where you studied among the libraries there and tried to find just the right treasure to uncover. You went on several “missions” each turning out to be either long ago looted or a wild goose chase. Still, during your time there you gained a bit of a reputation as a “Treasure Hunter”. It is the beginning of a new year and you are determined that your fortunes will change! The fates must have heard because only a few days before the Spring Equinox and Festival of Song is to begin, you have received a formal request from the Council of Alans here in the city of Throwing Muses. It appears they wish to contract for your services. Perhaps, now is when fate lends a hand!

Zucher vanFortuin

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