M'djai Khons

A monk of the Order of the Dark Pool, a mysterious servant of the Soundkeeper from the Kingdom of Majiyar


You were born on the 17th day of the month of Chaitra, in the 478th year of the Blue Dragon according to the Dragon Cycle, or the Belian Calendar as they call it in the Four Points (Domain of the Soundkeeper). The month of Chaitra is named after the greatest of the female Gold Dragons and it is an auspicious month for several reasons. Being the first month of the year those born during Chaitra are seen as heralds of new things, or starters of new projects. Gold dragons are also known as the great protectors and so those born in one of the two Gold Dragon months are said to possess this same spirit of protection or to be protectors. Finally, Gold is associated with royalty but more importantly of purity and the ability to remain untarnished by the passage of time or circumstance. As a feminine month it denotes a teacher or revealer as well. (There are 10 masculine months, 10 feminine months, and 4 months named for the first four Soundkeepers, which are in the middle of the calendar year. In the Dragon Cycle females are the teachers or revealers of secrets, while males are protectors or conquerors; with the first ten days of a month indicating protectors or teachers, the last ten days conquerors or revealers, and the middle seven days are those who tend to express both attributes).

You are the son of M’shai Khons(deceased), and Eshe Khons(deceased). Both your parents were members of the elite order of the Knights of the Dark Pool. Your father passed away of natural causes not quite one year ago. Your mother was sadly killed on a mission more than fifteen (15) years past now. You were very close to your father and saw him as a role-model in many ways. He was a wise and strong man who was well respected in the order. It was merely an order of monks as far as you knew but as your education advanced and you showed real interest in the ways of Sol and serving “the power that dwells beyond,” the truth of things was revealed to you. The Order is dedicated to the worship of Sol and the Knights act as agents of the temporal will of Sol as directed by his Priests in the Order of the Pool of Light.

The two orders are joined as many things are in the Majiyar kingdoms. The Majiyar believe in a universal duality to all things: dark and light, strength and weakness, thought and action, male and female, good and evil, law and chaos. Sol has directed this to be so and the truth of it is revealed in all things created by him. So it is that the Priests of the Pool of Light and the Knights of the Dark Pool operate as two integral yet separate entities striving for the same goals by different means. Where the Priests seek to gain understanding, see the future, influence people and power structures for the greater good, so the Knights act to insure the enemies of the faith are resisted temporally and to protect the Priests in the course of their work.

The Majiyar Kingdom is likewise divided. The north is ruled by one King called the Hand of the North Star, while the south is ruled by a King called the Hand of the South Star. Such dual systems are seen the length of the Kingdoms and the Majiyar find the arrangement very suitable to their worldview. Due to the very devout nature of the royals to the worship of Sol, it is very rare to see temples to other gods in the lands of the Majiyar. They are prohibited in several cities and certain holy areas but are permitted to operate temples in lesser towns and villages so long as their temple is no higher or larger than the local temple of Sol.

You began your life in the Knights of the Dark Pool at the age of 14, though you had been receiving training of sorts since your earliest days. Your father often trained the children of noble families and even trained a scion of the Soundkeeper, a great king in the east. When your formal training began you saw less of your father but this is part of the training. Later you returned to your home city of Kahun, the site of the greatest of the monasteries of the Knights of the Dark Pool: Kemnu Naos (Temple of the Black Water). Your training in talismans began there and extended for three years.

Thus, you returned home once again and this time just before your father passed. You spent many weeks with him prior to his passing and in that time shared many good memories. It was at this time he revealed his one great sin against the order. In his youth he had been on a mission in the Far East, in a land called The Vale. There he met a beautiful Elven maiden named Betony and loved her deeply even though such a union was forbidden by the order. He broke off the tryst but it was discovered that the young girl was pregnant with his child. He was concerned how the order would respond and so left and never returned, though he knows that she bore a son called Teral. “He is my son, M’djai, as you are my son and your brother, the blood of Khons runs in his veins. If the power that governs should bring you two together, give him my love, express my regret, and treat him as a child of that which dwells beyond.” It was only days after this that your father passed. You have spent the last several months in training and in mourning. Now, three weeks before the turning of the New Year, you have been called before the Temple Master, Patriarch Sekani. There is work for you to do…

M'djai Khons

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