Bashir Al-Amarna

Prince Bashir is a Templar of the Order of the Sacred Dragon. He represents the interests of The Soundkeeper and is co-leader of Firebrand


Bashir El-Reyhan El-Pari Al-Amarna

You were born on the 16th day in the month of Dhanus in the 480th year of the Blue Dragon. The month of Dhanus is named after the greatest of the male black dragons. The months of the Black Dragons are almost ominous, for it was Dhanus who first turned his back to Sol and thus brought judgment on his progeny that they would not be able to fly again as in the beginning. Thus, those born in these months are seen as those who truly make their own destiny. The Black Dragons are also associated with acid and thus those born in these months are seen as those who break things down, stripping things to their base, or testing the strength of things. As a masculine month it denotes conqueror or protector. (There are 10 masculine months, 10 feminine months, and 4 months named for the first four Soundkeepers, which are in the middle of the calendar year. In the Dragon Cycle females are the teachers or uncoverers, while males are protectors or conquerors; with the first ten days of a month indicating protectors or teachers, the last ten days conquerors or uncoverers, and the middle seven days are those who tend to express both attributes).

You are the son of Reyhan of the line of Amarna, and Ayana(44) of the line of the southern kings of the Majiyar Kingdom. You have two sisters, Aisha(25) married to Jibade and Zarifah(24) married to Omari. Their husbands are both nobles of the Majiyar Kingdom and that is where your sisters live. Your father died when you were nine(9) years old. The two of you, along with his retinue, were returning from the city of Olas Mons, the capital of the Dhalia Kingdom. You had seen many wonders there including the bird people called the Kenku. A storm wracked the royal yacht and it was torn asunder. When you next awoke you were aboard a merchant vessel being cared for by the family of Van Fortuin. They nursed you on the journey home and though your family mourned the loss of your father, they rejoiced that you had survived, and the merchants were well rewarded for their kindness.

After that event, your family worried for your health and so you were sent west to your mother’s homeland of Majiyar where you were trained by monks from the Order of the Dark Pool. Your family wanted to build your stamina and the monks did that and more. They trained you in various weapons, of which they were experts. They also guided your religious training during the five years you spent there and you were tutored by a monk called M’shai Khons. His wisdom and strength impressed you greatly and he was a sort of father figure for you during a time when you were mourning the loss of your own father. When you turned fifteen (15) you returned to the court of the Soundkeeper a young man, both strong and fit. It became clear to those of the family that your faith had taken strong root and so instead of entering one of the orders of knights, you decided in conference with your uncle Sanjar that you would join the Order of the Sacred Dragon.

You were pleased by this and soon distinguished yourself with your weapons skills. It was decided you would specialize in the broadsword and thus began your tutelage with Swordmaster Kobus VanHout, while your Templar training would be with Master Danush El-Mir. Under their guidance you became a better, stronger, more zealous warrior for Sol. You learned the way of the Dragon, the path of perfection through service to “that which dwells beyond,” and service to the cause of the Soundkeeper, the cause of the Amarna family… your family.

Though you were never an outstanding horseman, your skills in ground combat were never in question. You showed great understanding of tactics and were a natural leader among the other young warriors, squires, and knights. You progressed and made your first tour of the line on the Orc front three years ago and have been involved in several skirmishes involving raiders from the Poure Kingdoms. You have been called back to the headquarters of the Order, The Silver Tower, where you have been told that a new assignment awaits.

Bashir Al-Amarna

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