• Bashir Al-Amarna

    Bashir Al-Amarna

    Prince Bashir is a Templar of the Order of the Sacred Dragon. He represents the interests of The Soundkeeper and is co-leader of Firebrand
  • Cedrus Boh

    Cedrus Boh

    A young Druid of the Order of the Heart Fire. Cedrus represents the Druids in Firebrand.
  • M'djai Khons

    M'djai Khons

    A monk of the Order of the Dark Pool, a mysterious servant of the Soundkeeper from the Kingdom of Majiyar
  • Tarel Khons

    Tarel Khons

    A Half-Elven Warden of the Vale, Sgt. Tarel leads a special military unit called Firebrand
  • Zucher vanFortuin

    Zucher vanFortuin

    A Privateer, scholar, and merchant: Zucher acts as Firebrand's linguist, historian, and troublemaker...